Ed Seykota
From the Market Wizards chapter on Ed Seykota: 

 "...the accounts Seykota managed have witnessed an absolutely astounding rate of return.  For example, as of mid-1988, one of his customer accounts, which started with $5,000 in 1972, was up over 250,000 percent on a cash-on-cash basis.  Normalized for withdrawals, the account theoretically was up several million percent."

In addition to Ed Thorp, Tom Rollinger spent significant time honing his skills as
a trader under the tutelage of trend following legend, Ed Seykota.
The below graph represents the track record of Ed Seykota during the 1990s.  After fees, he produced nearly 60% average annual returns. 
A theoretical $1,000 investment at the beginning of the period would have grown to an incredible $351,000 by the end of the decade.
"You are bright...and strong-minded.  You process a lot of things intellectually." 

                                       - Ed Seykota
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