Edward O. Thorp, PhD
  • Founded first quantitative hedge fund
  • Co-founded the first market neutral hedge fund
  • Principal of the first hedge fund to employ derivative hedging
  • Invented card counting in Blackjack
  • Pioneered many strategies now routinely used on Wall Street and throughout the hedge fund industry (Option Arbitrage, Warrant Modeling and Convertible Arbitrage, Index Arbitrage, Statistical Arbitrage)

While perhaps best known as the MIT professor who devised the mathematical solution to beat the game of blackjack, Edward Thorp ranks as one of the best investment & hedge fund managers 
of all time.

In a an interview Opalesque conducted with Jack D. Schwager he calls Thorp the best he's ever seen: 
“…he has, of all the traders I’ve ever interviewed, and in fact, of all the traders that ever existed, with the possible exception of [James] Simons with Renaissance [Technologies], and I’m not sure who has the better record, but he would, I’d think, have one of the two best records – that has ever been compiled in trading – in terms of return to risk.”

Best-selling author Jack Schwager chronicled Ed Thorp's genius in his 2012 book Hedge Fund Market Wizards.  Thorp was also the star of, and inspired the name for, the best-selling book Fortune's Formula.
Dr. Edward O. Thorp is an expert in the fields of game theory, functional analysis, probability & statistics, and mathematical finance. He has run successful hedge funds since 1969.