"A very private individual, with whom I am closely associated, has quietly turned $150,000 of his own capital into over $4.5 million trend following since 1997."   
                                  - Tom Rollinger

"One of my great insights from my time with Ed Seykota was how he described a successful systematic trader's discipline. He said the trader must have a 'perpetual fidelity' toward following his trading rules."   
                                   - Tom Rollinger
"Tom Rollinger came to me several years back...I was impressed with his single-minded pursuit of the goal of being a great trader. His determination was the impetus that got me to return to trading after a 15-year hiatus. I would not be writing this book had he not come to me. Thank you, Tom."
"Tom Rollinger - Successful hedge fund manager, close friend, and a great networker who convinced me to the finish the book by showing me how it could be marketed effectively."
"For Edward Thorp,

Who has,
in Tom Rollinger, 
a persistent friend.


Michael Lewis"